Shiny nights at Nanacamilpa: Spend a summer among fireflies!

Shiny nights at Nanacamilpa: Spend a summer among fireflies!

There are only two sanctuaries like this in the world. Tho places where the humid weather and the cold temperatura make for a perfect place for the fireflies t olive. One of them can be found in the South of Russia, the other one is in Nanacamilpa, Tlaxcala.

During summer, one of the most striking natural phenomena in the Center zone of Mexico is this nocturnal lighting tour. We have the fireflies to thank for the Nanacamilpa and Españita Woods to be shiny from june and until mid august. These woods serve as  shelter for the fireflies in their reproductive season.

In this season, the fireflies seize the oyameles (native trees)  and start their courtship: the females illuminate the lower part of their abdomen with green light to attract the males. The males, just light up when they feel threatened.

Nanacamilpa de Mariano Arista is a municipality located in the west of Tlaxcala, near Puebla. Its name in Nahuatl means “field on the fungi”. This population has a pulque tradition, and typical regional food like tamales, trout and barbecue. 

Mexico is very privileged naturewise. Its megadiversity combines with architectural and cultural beauty to delight tourists and locals. A clear example of this is the sighting of gray whales in Baja California Sur and the reproduction season of the Monarch butterfly in Michoacán.  This type of events are unique and recognized as such worldwide. They are also one of a kind experiences where humans can test our ability to live in harmony with other species. We recommend to visit the Sanctuary of the fireflies in Tlaxcala and witness this spectacle, breathe fresh air and enjoy an excellent afternoon surrounded by nature. 

Come visit with us from 15th to 16th July on our 3 in 1 Tour. 

To take into consideration: 

• Enjoy the show in silence, as excess noise can disturb the fireflies and other insects in the area.

• Firefighting, alcoholic beverages, and flash photography are prohibited.

• Respect the ecosystem.   

Shiny nights at Nanacamilpa: Spend a summer among fireflies!
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